The fresh new Gambia has other antique societies and you can cultural systems with unique old-fashioned opinions

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The fresh new Gambia has other antique societies and you can cultural systems with unique old-fashioned opinions

The new Wollof, will be the third prominent classification adopting the Mandinka and you can Fula. The bulk of the people of your Wollof on Gambia is in the Saloum section of one’s provinces and also the financial support, Banjul. The brand new Wollof out-of Banjul is believed in the future on the urban area regarding Dakar and also the Goree in the early numerous years of brand new payment away from Banjul about middle-1800s.

The Wollof Society is just one of the traditions of your own Senegambia part. This cultural classification designed voluntary independent Governmental Units.

Individuals features a highly rigid caste system of Royalty, Nobility, Freemen, and Slaves with hierarchical subdivision one of for every status. It rarely married outside the status, however, each caste takes on an invaluable character regarding the Wollof useful site community. Thus, for those who state relationships from inside the Wollof, you are questioned relationship which have exactly who?

Relationships is one of the most crucial steps in living duration away from men and you will a lady. On Gambia, Marriages try contracted from the mosque, church, and also the municipal court, that is a pleasure from faith along with social obligations.

That it courtship is known as ‘Ngoro

Procedures noticed on the Traditional Wollof Matrimony include the pursuing the, framework of the matrimony thread in your community entitled ‘taka.’ This step comes with taking kola insane into girl’s moms and dads, and much more particularly with the father’s sibling and you may sisters; formalization of one’s wedding of their daughter so you can partner-to-be; negotiating and you may fee of your dowry, among others.

Someone else try Courtship ‘Ngoro. All cultural communities throughout the Gambia keeps certain antique methods which they observe in advance of relationship can happen that your Wollof is not left out.

Mothers select prospective wives because of their sons. Constantly, a man delivers a buddy on the family of any understood woman so you can ily needs to consent or not in advance of they are able to go into courtship otherwise prior to they initiate courting. ‘ ‘Ngoro’ inside the Wollof just form involvement plus the partner-to-end up being will begin a typical stop by at brand new in-laws followed by their nearest and dearest. The suitor can be anticipate ages inside stage, from year to year using merchandise on the girl’s household yet she however lifetime along with her mom.

Affair, recreation, and social display screen result in the date when the fiance goes to the newest spouse. So, those activities into ‘muur’ ceremony include the preparing of eating, while the speech of help/presents regarding household members (cooking equipment, dishes, house material, and so on. Brand new ‘Murr’ (specialized antique coronation) processes comes with the brand new collecting away from spiritual elders, family members, friends, and you may neighbors getting bits of advice and will be offering prayers; sending the fresh Bride-to-be to Groom’s house due to the fact their own the fresh family unit members for life; inviting with Groom’s nearest and dearest

on these activities, the brand new ‘Jam’ do another – fetch water; need gift suggestions for the bride’s household; bring flames for cooking

Most of these steeped countries display prominent one thing, but I could focus on the Wollof factor here

Skirt and you will Beautification (makeup) on fiance: Wollof brides proper care a great deal about their appearance with the matrimony date. They are doing ‘Jamb’ – lip tattooing; ‘Fudan’ – henna; ‘Lam’ – trinket beans

Marriage existence starts (Saii) – This will be done immediately after colourful conventional relationships rituals supposed to totally free the marriage of evil making it fruitful and you may winning. New bridesmaids would then make its treatment for the newest groom’s substance. Generally, for the morning pursuing the bride’s first-night, a bloodstream-discolored material was showed to exhibit that the fiance is an excellent virgin, which was a great source of satisfaction you to definitely inspired praise-occupied music into the bride and her mom. Wedded life would up coming go-ahead out of up coming ahead toward newly married partners.

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